Day 2 in Hong Kong, finally bought the internet in the hotel room so I can spend an moment updating you to the wild affairs. Let me tell you, leaving Los Angeles at 1:50am, flying 14 hours and landing in Hong Kong at 7:05am makes for some really wicked jet lag. I’m usually pretty good at combating it with a combo 5 Hour Energy Drinks and Melatonin but even this had we all messed up. Tara and Jason were equally wrecked. We did some basic walking around yesterday but do to being tired and hungry and overall just out of it we didn’t really see much. I took some photos with my iPhone but for some reason it can’t connect to Google’s imap to send them so I haven’t been able to post anything yet. I’m going to take my real camera out today which I can upload right to my laptop and I’ll be able to post them in a batch. There’s also a Typhoon at “signal 3” which is apparently a big deal, or at least a big enough deal that they have warnings around and have the pool is closed which has been no shortage of distress for Tara. It’s been amusing to see her arguing with the staff about how regardless of the thunder and lightning, the posted hours for the pool state that she should be allowed in damnit. They weren’t convinced.

The coffee at this hotel is close to, if not the worst I’ve ever tasted in my entire life though. I’ll definitely be opting for the HK$400 Starbucks Soy Latte’s for the rest of the trip because holy puketackular.

Speaking of there is a Starbucks, a 7-11 and a McDonalds on pretty much every corner. I wish I was making that up.

It’s also crazy humid, which I’m pretty good with but it’s still rough. And I finally bought a rain coat though have been able to avoid actual water falling from the skies thus far. We’ll see how the rest of the day fairs.