KaffeeKüche - Vienna
Start typing. Select all. Delete. Stare. Stare. Stare. Type. Stare. Select all. Delete.

Today was a travel day. Travel days can be hard. Today was one of the harder ones.

Packing bags from a month in Vienna, lugging them across a city, making sure the kid doesn’t get lost en route. Boarding passes, clearing security, waiting for the plane, boarding, flying, landing. Dealing with luggage and trains and changing trains and train stations and walking and finally getting to the new hotel in the new city.

No food. No coffee. Sinus infection. Pseudoephedrine.

The first day of the new year comes to a wrap. I’m sitting on the floor in the bathroom with my laptop and sloth speed wifi while the rest of the family tries (though from the sound of it unsuccessfully) to get to sleep. Lights out in the room, curtains drawn. I’m awake and restless. Looking at Tumblr. Reblogging shit.

Kitties and titties and Otakugangster are the best Tumblrs in the world, for the record.

Good night Paris. Tomorrow you better deliver some falafel.