I’m admitting and declaring email Bankruptcy & Foreclosure.

Email is overwhelming. Don’t try to pretend it isn’t. It is for me, it is for you. Sometimes I spend hours a day doing nothing but email, and it sucks. So I quit.

Currently I answer email for approximately 30 minutes each day 5 days a week, I don’t have an email program on my phone and I don’t keep my email program on my laptop open. I don’t check it on weekends. I archive all mail on Friday. If I haven’t answered something pressing please send it again next week. If you have my number a simple text or call is always welcome, or if we’re on any joint slack teams ping me there. Also, please keep in mind that I split my time between Japan, Europe, US (east and west coasts) so what time zone I’m in at any given moment may vary.

While I read everything sent to me, it is impossible for me to answer everything so emails that are informative but not explicitly asking for a reply will likely not receive one. If something is genuinely urgent type HEY SEAN READ THIS in your subject line.

This is something I’ve been struggling with for the better part of the last 15 years and while it’s better some days and worse other days, these are all varying levels of crap. I think it’s more honest to admit I can’t keep up and try to address it the best I can, than just let things fall through the crack and pretend no one noticed.

Thank you for understanding.

last updated July 2017