Wolfpack Hustle

For several weeks now I’ve been toying with the idea of going on one of the Wolfpack Hustle rides. Everyone I mentioned this too told me I was insane for even considering it. I think I would have tried it a long time ago had I even known it existed. Anyway, they have a rep for riding fast and fearless at about 30-40 miles per ride. Tonight I joined them and… wow. OK, not really that wow, but still pretty wow.

First impression is that they do in fact ride fast, but not as insanely fast as people led me to believe. I’d heard that on Wolfpack rides traffic laws and lights were more “advisory” that hold fast rules, and I think that’s pretty accurate. I assumed when I walked out the door this evening that I wouldn’t finish the ride and I was right, though I did better than I thought I definitely want to go back for more. I made it a little over 15 miles into the route, though I was definitely in last place most of the time. At the first stop I didn’t hear where the next meeting point was and got caught at the bottom of a hill at a light in downtown and that must have given the rest of the pack just enough time to make a turn that I didn’t see and I lost them. I rode back home after a short rest downtown capping off the evenings mileage at 22 or so. Give or take. Here’s a quick shot of me after the ride, can’t wait for next week to try and make it a little further.