coat room

Someone snapped this shot of several of us crammed in the “3rd bedroom” at our apartment in Berlin. As you can see calling it a bedroom is a slight bit misleading as it’s much closer to a larger closet. Or maybe a smaller one. Luckily not all of us are living in that room. Unluckily I am. My pics from 24C3 can all be found in this flickr set or simply watch the “Berlin” tag on my stream. I’m also going to be contributing a bit to Berlin Metblogs while I’m here though that will be more local, less nerdy / personal crap. While at the conference, which runs the next 3 days I have a DECT phone, which you can reach from any other DECT phone at the conference by simply dialing my extension 5859 which spells out LULZ, or you can even call in from around the world at 04615056623 5859, long distance phone charges will apply of course. That said, please remember the time difference if you call, as well as know that it only works while I’m in the congress building. Otherwise, more soon.