Berlin Underground

It’s the last day of 2007 here in Berlin, several places around the world (namely those near Australia) are already enjoying 2008. I can’t wait for it personally. That said, my flat mates here in Berlin take off for their respective corners of the world on the 2nd, and I think I have to be out by the 4th, though I don’t return to the US until Jan 14th via London so I’m trying to decide where to go in the meantime. My thoughts are the moment are:

1) Berlin -> Hamburg -> Edinburgh -> London
2) Berlin -> Cologne -> Belgium -> Amsterdam -> London
3) Berlin -> Dublin -> Cork ->  Dublin – London

There are bonuses to all of these options, and I’ve got friends to see, places to crash in many of them. Others not so much. I want to get to London by about the 10th so I can spend a few days there as well. Hmmm..