In reference to this post on I thought it would be in the best public interest to fully disclose all behind the scenes communications preemptively. It should also be noted that the people responsible for the sacking, have been sacked.

This morning, Joseph Mailander wrote:

Dear Sean,

This is an earnest inquiry.  How come the blogs that skew younger in town don’t seem to care about Prop S? It’s the only local civic measure on the ballot Tuesday, and the tax seems to affect those in the younger demographics most.  Ten extra bucks a month on every wireless device you have, just because you have a City of LA mailing address, that sounds like something worth at least discussing.

All the best,

To which I responded:

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The person(s) responsible
for this oversight have been fired.


Which brought this response:

So, do you have an actual political opinion on a City of LA issue, or do you just want to fuck around?


And I followed up with:

Dear Joseph,

Wowza… good question for sure. I need to talk with my lawyer,
accountant, and interior decorator before I make any “official”
statements on this but for our internal discussions go ahead and
tentatively put me down for “just want to fuck around” but I reserve
the right to change that decision should it negatively impact me in
the future.

Thanks again for your concern.

As of 14:17 PST that is the end of the conversation though I’ll be sure to update if anything else arises.