Back from a long weekend in SF where we were hoping to finish everything on the Metroblogging redesign but looks like it’s probably a week or so out still. The trip was fun and I met and hung out with a bunch of cool folks including Fatal1ty and Tim Ferriss. You’d be proud of me though, I think I contained my fanboy-ness. Unfortunately the words of my friend Tim Biedron who once said something like “the thing about people is they always find new ways to disappoint you” were on my mind the whole trip. More evedence to the fact that you can really only focus on and trust what is happening right this second, right in front of you – that expecting anything from anyone else in the future is surely just building yourself up for something to fall apart. Thinking some people are exempt from that is the first step to falling.

I’ve got a few new speaking engagements lined up which have been added to my wiki and I’ve updated my Dopplr profile to reflect those trips. BIL looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun – they asked me to speak about media hacking, specifically the Anonymous Vs. Scientology stuff I’ve been covering on – the reactions are almost more interesting than the story itself. I’m also really looking forward to going to Texas for SXSW this year. I didn’t go last year but heard all the stories and when I got invited to speak this year I took that as I sign I should go back. Visiting Texas is always kind of fun since I lived there for a few years as a kid. Johannes and I are driving back to LA afterwards to film a bunch of stuff and visit nuclear test sites and shit, so maybe that will include a trip through my old neighborhoods in Garland and Dallas. I’ll talk more about the other trips as they get closer.

My friend Wil just had some crazy sinus surgery and has been laid up and it’s freaking me out a bit because anyone who knows me knows that if I could just remove my sinuses all together I’d be all over that as they are a constant source of hell in my life. Stupid sinuses.

A few months back Caryn gave me a few songs by the Editors which I liked all right and who happened to be playing in LA last week. I went to the show at the last minute and haven’t been able to stop listening to them since then. It’s almost obsessive actually, something about them is just providing the perfect soundtrack to just about everything right now.

OK, back to work. More soon.