metblogs.png As you know I’m running around the Pacific Northwest visiting Metblogs authors and using that as an excuse to see new cities and visit friends. We’re doing a few public meetup things and if you are around and want to come out, we’d love to have you. Tonight in Vancouver we’re meeting up at the Library Square Pub. This officially starts at 7:30 but it seems like folks from the Third Tuesday meetup will be coming over after they are done as well so we’ll probably be around for a few hours.

Then tomorrow night I’ll be in Portland for a meetup there at Rontoms which will begin around 5pm and run until who knows when. Both meets should be fun and I’m looking forward to meeting folks I’ve only talked to online or brand new people all together. We’re also looking for a few authors in both these cities so if you are interested in that at all, come out and say Hi and see if you want to give it a shot. See you then!