Many months ago I paid off my Capital One credit card. They had been a pain in the ass the whole time I had an account with them so I called them to say “check out my zero balance, and please close the account.” The dude I talked to on the phone talked me out of closing the account with promises of super low interest rates and balance transfer options. I agreed, but told ’em I’d already chopped up and thrown out the card so I’d need them to send me a new one. No problem, they were throwing on in the mail.

I’ve never heard anything from them since, haven’t gotten a new card, haven’t gotten any statements. I got a message that they were calling an old number of mine and saying a statement had been returned so I called them to find out what the heck was going on. I talked to a guy who was having “system problems” so he passed me on to someone else at a different location who should be able to help. That guy told me the address they had on file for me, which was wrong, but couldn’t change it because I didn’t have the credit card there to give them the 3 digit security card. The credit card I didn’t have because they’d mailed it to the wrong address. He passed me on to his supervisor who I went through the whole story again with, basically realizing I was caught in some endless loop.

  1. The replacement card they sent me went to the wrong address and was returned to them.
  2. They can’t change the address without info that is on the replacement card.
  3. They can send me a new replacement card, but only to the same incorrect address they have on file.

The final guy I was talking to said the only solution was for them to pass me through to the Fraud department who could go through the whole thing again with me and then try to sort it out on their end.  I really didn’t want to go through all that AGAIN so I told him to just close the damn account and that he could do. So, rather then them correcting my address and keeping me as a customer, they closed the account. Nice work fellas!