There’s a new webzine being written by a bunch of old hardcore kids like myself that has been posting some really fun stuff recently. It’s called Double Cross and by far one of the best things they’ve done is a multi-part interview with Jimmy Yu. If the name doesn’t sound familiar you haven’t been reading the inside of your old Rev 7″s enough recently. Jimmy played in Death Before Dishonor and Judge and then kind of disappeared. (He became a buddhist) This interview is fascinating because it details the formation of those bands, but also about the scene surrounding them. I didn’t realize how similar Florida was to a lot of what was going on in NYC and this bit right here is exactly something I’ve tried to explain to many people for years about how things were in Tampa:

 “As far as the terms “Wolfpack” and “United Blood,” those weren’t like actual crews and it wasn’t how we identified ourselves, at least I don’t think so. Those were just names that Mike gave us looking back when he wrote the Judge lyrics. I don’t remember it being verbalized at the time, like, “Hey, we are the Wolfpack!” But we felt it in our hearts, and those descriptions when applied later by Mike made sense. Because at the time, in those threshold moments, like when Boston came down, and it escalated into becoming physical, in New York it didn’t matter if you were a regular skin, a nazi skin, or what…you just kicked their fucking asses. That’s it. You were New York. And in those moments, it was very clear that you stuck together, everyone. We are New York, and you…you are not. You want to try to rule the floor and try to crack people’s heads? Dude, you’re in the wrong place, man. We just jumped them. In those moments, we were united.”

Anyway I’m loving this series and it’s brought back tons of memories. If any of this is ringing any bells for you, check it out.
Jimmy Yu Interview – Part I
Jimmy Yu Interview – Part II
Jimmy Yu Interview – Part III
Jimmy Yu Interview – Part IV