Orlando International Airport

I’m concluding this lovely Florida excursion with a multi-hour wait at Orlando International Airport. I’d be lying if I said it was anything but a giant pile of suck. Tara and I had different destinations and thus different flights, and hers flew out almost 3 hours before mine. I was planning to just hang out in the Admirals Club, except surprise! There isn’t one in here. Awesome. Anyway, she took off and I miss her like crazy already (sorry for that divergence into sappiness, won’t happy again) and I’ve got a few hours before I can board so I’m staring at this lovely scene pictured above and if you choose to keep reading, you’ll get the brunt of it.

Once again I’m swimming in thoughts and just have way too much I want to write about and process and think out. I had several super good talks with Merlin this weekend and his presentation at the conference titled ‘How To Blog‘ was really amazing. He’s advising against doing what I’m doing right here, just vomiting out ideas and thoughts but when I do this it’s really more for me than it is for you. I plan to rewatch his talk several times and really want to try to do a lot of what he’s suggesting. I do some of it already, but not to the extent that I want or the extent that I’m happy with.

And that’s really the trick of it, I want to be happy with it. I need to be, otherwise it’s not worth doing. Writing every day isn’t so much of a problem for me, neither is finding what to write about. Editing and holding back unfinished or less than top notch posts are much harder for me. I’ve been trying to blog every day and with the exception of traveling days I’ve been much better about that recently, and I know in the past when I’ve really stuck to that I’ve seen improvements perhaps not so much in my writing but in my ability to convey what it is that I’m trying to say. I often write just to sort out my own thoughts on a topic because I find myself running in circles when the discussion takes place solely in my head. So to some extent I use my blog as a sounding board, but I’d like to continue to refine and improve that so it’s really worth peoples time to come and read it.

I have a bunch I want to write about being here in Orlando for IZEAfest, but it’s way too much to throw into this post and that’s something I want to make sure I say exactly like it needs to be said. Needless to say I was conflicted about it on many levels going into it but I think it was more than worth it in the end. I’ll make the case for that soon and you can tell me if I’m full of shit or not. Or if I’m full of shit, but make a good point regardless.

That is just one thing I’m thinking about, amidst a swarm of others. You might have noticed I’ve been back and forth to SF a lot recently, and I think all signs point to that only increasing. This has me thinking a lot about the Multibasing idea again. Couple that with the fact that I just moved to a new (old) apartment myself in Los Angeles, it’s got me thinking a lot about the concept of home and what we all really need, really want, as well as what we often put up with in the quest for whatever it is we are looking for. I might be heading back to Tokyo soon too, and that may end up playing into this even more so expect some thoughts on all of that in the near future.

The over reaching thread in all of this is that it’s getting increasingly important to me that what I’m working on makes me happy, and is fulfilling to some extent, and that I feel like I’m making a difference somehow. This isn’t new, as most of you already know, but it’s getting magnified a lot which will either work out smashingly or, well, not. This applies to work and life – we don’t get any do overs here, we get one shot and need to make the most of it, and need to be able to look back at what we did and feel like it was worth it. At least I do.