I’ve written a few times on here about the wolfpack hustle ride in LA. It’s my favorite ride to go on and if I’m in LA on Monday night that’s where you will find me. That said, I haven’t been in LA many Monday nights recently and so I knew when I was getting on my bike and heading over there it was going to be rough. You see I get dropped on Wolfpack a lot. I generally need to do 3 weeks in a row to be able to finish it and depending on the route that could be more. Well tonight started off with a blast down Sunset which I was all in for, and then a sharp climb up Elysian Park and I just couldn’t pull that off tonight. I knew it right away and even though I’ve been working on hills, that was just too fast and my gearing was too high and a million other excuses why I couldn’t pull it off. But I knew that right away and so that was that. I’ll be in town next week and will give it another go then. It kicks my ass every time, but that’s kinda why I love it.