Me: “Hi, can you tell me the status of the pickup I scheduled?”
UPS: “Yes of course, looks like your pickup is scheduled to be picked up by 3PM”
Me: “Right”
UPS: “Anything else I can help you with?”
Me: “Yes, I want to know the status of the pick up, it’s 3:10 and it hasn’t been picked up yet.”
UPS: “Oh, I see. I can put in a call to the station and they can look into it.”
Me: “But what do I do?”
UPS: “Will you still be there for a while?”
Me: “What is a while?”
UPS: “A few hours”
Me: “Not really, that’s why I scheduled the pick up for 3pm rather than end of the day, I need to leave”
UPS: “I can have someone at the station contact you in the next 2 hours to let you know when someone will be there to pick it up.”
Me: “Did I do something wrong when I scheduled this? Because I really needed it picked up by 3.”
UPS: “No, it looks like you did everything correctly.”
Me: “But a driver might not come by until after 5PM anyway?”
UPS: “That’s correct. Anything else I can help you with today?”