December 2008

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Vegan in Europe

As you might have guessed by the previous post, explaining a vegan diet in some countries is trickier than others. Language barriers and cultural differences make it even harder in some situations. That said, I’ve never been to a city were I couldn’t find several amazing vegan options even after being told by locals that a vegan diet was unheard of in their entire country. Given that, here’s a few resources I use that have been helpful on this trip (as well as previous travels):

Happy Cow guide to Paris’s top 8 vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Paris
Vegan in Paris, no I’m not kidding
List of Vegetarian restaurants in Paris

Happy Cow listing for Berlin
I highly recommend Yellow Sunshine and Hans Wurst.

Happy Cow listing for Amsterdam
Chowhound thread about veggie options in Amsterdam
Veg Guide for Amsterdam

Tupalo listings tagged with ‘Vegan’
Of these, definitely big recommendations for Formosa, Rupps and Vegetasia.