Just over a day from now Tara and I will be jumping on planes and getting the heck out of this continent. Heading back to Europe, land of the weird ass shower hose things. Our trip hits up a few of the cities I spent time in last year – Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and London. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to make it to Vienna to see my friends there, but I know most of them will be in Berlin when we are so I’m not that broken up about it. Plus I was there what, 4 times in the last 12 months or so?

Unfortunately the route doesn’t include any places I haven’t been before, but that’s actually kind of cool from a “get to know places a bit better” kind of stand point. Last year my Paris trip was hectic and lasted barely 48 hours most of which were in a hotel, so I’m looking forward to heading back with more time to explore, a skilled guide (Tara has spent time there) and friends in town to visit. Likewise, my Amsterdam visit last year was brief and mostly filled with wide eyed awe of a new city.

Last year I spent over 2 months kicking it around Europe and had some amazing adventures with great friends. Many of those folks will be there again this year, some are already there. I’m definitely feeling the longing to get the hell out of town and land somewhere away from all the day to day and feel eternally fortunate to have the ability to do this. Of course, the “ability” is just as much saying fuck it, throwing caution to the wind and jumping in assuming things will work them selves out en route as it is anything else – but that’s where I feel most at home. Chaos is my brier patch.

I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging while there, maybe a little maybe a lot. I’ll try to stay on top of twitter and flickr so my web stalkers friends can follow along from home but my main goal is enjoying the experience while I’m there, not documenting it. I say that now of course, but I always find the need to sort thoughts and this is where that happens, so stay tuned I guess.