Because it’s the shortest month, February is the ideal time to launch an “I’m going to do this all month” series. You get all the props of doing something for a month, but at the same time get to totally cop out. Given that, I’m embarking on a challenge to myself which may or may not be relevant to your interests. I like stuff, things, object. Yet at the same time I’m a minimalist at heart and if I’d much rather have the one single awesome thing than 3 or 4 things that are not 100%. Or if I can find one object that replaces 3 or 4 others? I’m all over it. Sometimes this quest is more successful than others, but I’m kind of obsessive about it and the people who know this about me are frequently asking me for recommendations or suggestions about all manor of physical things. Sometimes I know what I’m talking about, sometimes I don’t but I figured I could come up with 28 things I’ve researched and acquired and love to death and tell you about them. So that’s what I’m doing, or what I’m setting out to do at least. Each day this month, I’ll pick one thing and tell you about why it kicks ass.