If I learned one thing being a boy scout it’s that you can never underestimate the usefulness of a good pocket knife. For as long as I can remember I’ve carried one and used it for something almost daily, but until about 15 years ago they were of varying quality (read that as ultra crappy) and usually broke within a few months. In 1994 a friend showed me his new knife made by Spyderco and I bought one the following week and have carried one practically every day since then. The only reason I’m not still carrying the first one I bought is that I lost it, as I have no question at all that it would still be in perfect working condition if I still had it.

delicaThat original knife I bought in 1994 and the one I replaced it with were both the Delica model. This isn’t the largest or scariest model they make, or even that I regularly carry, but I think it’s easily the most practical. The first one I had had a 50/50 serrated and plain blade, but I found myself using the plain part more often so with the replacement I went 100% plain. I’ve got other serrated ones if I have a need for that, but the plain makes for a perfect daily utility knife. Spyderco offers a variety of handle choices mostly of different kinds of plastics and colors but I always opt for the stainless steel. There’s something about the weight and balance that just works for me.

I can say without question that after 10+ years of daily carrying and use they are just as solid and just as sharp as the day I first touched one which is why I’ve gone on to pick up several more since then. The quality is completely top notch and I have no question that this thing will last me right up until the moment I decide to retire it (or lose it) and not a moment less. My first one I bought new for $100 and this one I bought used on ebay for $50 and it would be extremely hard for me to find a single dollar that has gone further or been spent better. If you’ve been wanting a good pocket knife, trust me, this is your answer.