At the beginning of February I set out to make a blog post every day in the month about some object that I owned and would recommend. I managed 12. It wasn’t that I couldn’t think of things, in fact I have a list of many that I just didn’t get to write up, it was more the time and dealing with self imposed deadlines that got to me. That said, with 28 days in the month 12 is just shy of one every other day so I’m not terribly disappointed in the results. I thought I’d make a list of them all here so it was easier to reference and just in case someone missed something they wanted to read back up on.

Objectified 01 – Chrome Cobra Hoodie
Objectified 02 – Atwood G2 Mini Prybaby
Objectified 03 – Surefire Lumamax Flashlight
Objectified 04 – ExOfficio Unmentionables
Objectified 05 – Spyderco Delica
Objectified 06 – Kodak Zi6
Objectified 07 – CTAC Handgun Holster
Objectified 08 – Arc AAA Flashlight
Objectified 09 – Le Bistro Auto Cat Feeder
Objectified 10 – Chrome Messenger Bags
Objectified 11 – Sigg Bottles
Objectified 12 – Kryptonite Bike Lock