As some folks know, GrandCentral got bought by Google and has been transitioning into Google Voice. One of the fancy new features they just added is voicemail transcription. This seems like a good idea, but a requirement for that to be good is it needs to work. Turns out, it’s still a little buggy. I called Jason the other day and left him a message addressing him as “Fucknuts” to which GoogleVoice decided I must have meant “Paul.”

Give that, I thought I’d show off some of the other fun translations that have come through. While I was laughing about this Tara called me and said “Get your sorry ass off the couch and make me dinner!” the message GoogleVoice sent me was “if you’re sorry ass up off because i can make make a it’s” – pretty clear eh? Or how about this one from Erica:

hey john it’s erica so i’m gonna leave you a tongue twister and let’s see how google translated it any bar has some butter but she said this but is better if i date is better but it would make my daughter better but i did of that the her better that’ll make like that are better she got a divider better than her better better and she’d be getting her daughter and the battery was not that it’s the trying better that any bother quite a bit of a better butter i hope that translates to something holy terrible bye

So yeah, I’m thinking that still needs a bit of work…