Since I’ve finished with the “Change the world in 5 easy steps” series I thought I’d post a brief wrap up and see if what people thought overall. In case you missed any, here’s the 5 parts:

Part 1: Go Vegan
Part 2: Ride A Bike
Part 3: Stop Buying Crap
Part 4: Visit A Different Country
Part 5: Do Something You Love Rather Than Something That Pays The Bills

With the exception of losing and having to rewrite part 4 I really enjoyed doing this. It’s something I’d been thinking about for a while and the posts helped me sort out the ideas. I really appreciated the comments too, helps to see what makes sense and what needs to be refined more. I might still turn this into a talk, we’ll see.

I think overall I wanted to convey the idea that change doesn’t have to be this far off thing you pay lip service to but never actually see and with a little effort there are things you can do that really do have an impact. I hope that was clear. Anyway, now that it’s done, I need a new series to keep me blogging. Suggestions?