Swobo sanchez

My Swobo Sanchez. It’s served me well, but time has come to pass it on. If you are interested, keep reading…

I’ve had this bike for a little under 2 years and if the wireless computer that I put on when I got it is to be trusted it’s served me well for about 876 miles in that time. I really do love this bike and I’m only selling because of two main reasons: I have two very similar track bikes and more often then not I grab the other one leaving this one sitting at home, and I could use the cash.

That said, here’s a few pics of the full set up:

Suguino messenger cranks/chainring

Nitto stem & bullhorns

Fizik arione saddle

I purchased this complete from Orange 20 and had them do a bunch of customization before I took it home, and have since changed even more so I’ll try and cover those changes in this nifty what’s included list:

Swobo Sanchez Track Frame size 57
Nitto Bullhorns that have been on it since I got it
Nitto UI-5GX Stem replacing the stock one about 1 year ago
Suguino Messenger Cranks replacing the Tru-Vativ stock one about 1 year ago
New bottom bracket at the same time, though I forget the brand – Sugino or Shimano most likely
Sugino 44T Chainring
Dura-Ace 15T cog & lockring (yes, it’s fixed gear)
Stock hubs, back is flip flop so you could put a freewheel on it
(That gear ratio was changed after the cranks, so I’m guessing under 200 miles with that set up)
Cane Creek headset
Fizik Arione Saddle – White with Silver Stripe
Velocity Deep V rims, white. These were on it when I bought it and were non machined. The back has some rubbing from brakes and the front was sanded for a brake.
Gatorskin front tire, something equally nice but more tready on the back, Continental perhaps. 700x23c tires.
MKS GR-9 Pedals
MKS Silver toe clips, size LL
Plastic straps if you want them.
Fizik bartape, less than 6 months old.

To see what all was changed, check out this Swobo Sanchez page on Swobo’s site. The seatpost is still the stock swobo one and I removed all the Swobo badges.

Condition – this is most certainly not mint, and as it was my main ride around LA for quite a while it has a handful of scratches which I really don’t want to try and detail out -they are all minor and all cosmetic. Not a single dent and this thing rides smooth as possible. I just cleaned and regreased the chain and it’s totally silent now. The seat, pedals and bartape show minor rubbing from use but nothing affecting performance. Point being it’s got the marks that a bike someone actually used might have, but is in bombproof shape and rides like a dream.

You can see from that link above that a brand new Sanchez with all the stock parts is $649 (plus tax + shipping), this isn’t brand new but it has easily $500 worth of upgrades if not more. Considering all reasonable offers and would prefer to sell it sooner rather than later, before I change my mind.

If you are interested e-mailing me probably works better than leaving a comment here.