Iphun.tvOne more secret project out of the darkness: iPhun!!

A few months back Tara came to me and said she and Rudy had been brainstorming about an iPhone Game review webshow that they wanted me to host. Since I spend an embarrassing amount of time and money on iPhone games I thought it was a great idea. Lots of back and forth, calling in of favors, and hardwork later it’s done and online for all to see. We’ve got about 10 more episodes that we’ll be releasing over the coming weeks. Shane Nickerson and Jason DeFillippo played guest host on these episodes and we had a bunch of fun shooting them. Kent Nichols, Casey McKinnon and Xeni Jardin also helped in big ways. Endless thanks to everyone involved, and I hope you dig it.

And as you may have guessed, more coming soon. Stay tuned.