I was talking the other day about super minimal travel and decided it was time for another “what I’m bringing” post, even though by this point it’s kind of old hat. I’m heading out to Tokyo in a few hours for a 10 day trip, here’s what I’m bringing:

What I'm packing

I’m putting all of this in one backpack and one shoulder bag (photos of those after the jump). Click the above photo for details on what all that is. I’m actually brining a little more than I usually would simply because I’m not sure what my laundry situation will look like so I’m bringing things I can wash in a hotel room, and a few extra just in case drying takes a little while longer in the humid weather they are having. The bags are also a little larger than I would usually aim for (but I’m kind of giving them both a trial run for Urban Journal) so they actually have more empty room then I would like. Or as Tara explains it, extra room to bring her back stuff.

Not pictured are my iphone which I took the photo with, and toiletries since i generally don’t pack those until morning when I don’t need them anymore. Pro tip: I pack toothbrush, deodorant, melatonin, hair stick, but no shampoo or toothpaste because I can buy those there and that way I don’t have to pull anything out for TSA.

What I'm packing it in

The bags are a Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack and a 5.11 3 day bag. Funny, I have 10 days worth of stuff in there and it’s got a lot of spare room.