Cabin again

This last weekend Tara and I spent a few days at El Capitan Canyon, an anniversary gift from our friend Mike. Shane says he liked to call the place “fancy camping” which is pretty accurate. It’s outside and surrounded by nature for sure, but inside the cabins things were fairly civilized with big soft beds and giant soaking bath tubs so it was pretty far from roughing it. There was a fire pit outside so if you are so inclined, as we were, you can cook and make smores and totally pretend you are camping for real.

We kept seeing signs all over the campground warning us about Cougars/Mountain Lions which were common in the area. We saw deer, gophers, rabbits, bugs, and all kinds of other stuff but none of these fabled mountain lions. I figured they were probably just scared so to try and make friends with them I left some garlic and onion potato chips on the porch one night before we went to sleep. I passed right out but Tara said at some point in the night she heard something up on the porch eating them. She didn’t look, but it’s a pretty safe assumption that it was a mountain lion as far as I’m concerned.

In fact, my guess is that in this economy the mountain lions are getting hit hard and probably starving so the chips I left out there probably saved their lives. I’m pretty much a damn conservationalist at this point, I’d say.