Since I’ve created a bit of an ongoing tradition by looking back on the photos I posted online through out the year in 2008 and 2007 I thought I’d keep it up for 2009. I feel like this is kind of a good way to reflect on the year through my eyes, in as much as I thought something was important enough to post an image of it online. So here we go..

I started the year much like the ones before, in Berlin post-congress.

Berlin Brunch

And when everyone scattered Tara and I did too, landing in Amsterdam for a few days.

Frozen pond in Amsterdam

Also I had a pretty crazy beard at that point.

The now: in DC

After returning to the US I turned around and went to DC for the inauguration of President Obama. Which was cool and all, but seeing De La Soul was much more fun.

De La Soul at Manifest HOPE

And continuing musical awesomeness I booked it back to LA just in time to see Thorns of Life.

Thorns of Life

Which I’m glad I did, since they broke up shortly there after. February was apparently pretty uneventful according to my Flickr stream.

Party's over.

In March I rode motorcycles

Riding up ACH

And moved from Silver Lake to Venice.


That might not seem important to you but, well if you are reading this you should know it’s important to me.

April was apparently cold and windy

Tara and me on on the pier

So I said screw it and went to NYC for a vegan ice cream sundae

Lula's vegan banana split.

May found me in the woods somewhere around Toronto.


But of course I made it back to LA in time for the opening of the new Intelligentsia in Venice, right around the corner from my new place

Line at intelligentsia opening

In June I saw Jonathan Mann give an awesome talk at Beta Level

Jonathan Mann

And hunted ghosts with a bunch of other web nerds

June Gloom Ghost Hunt

By July I was back in Tokyo

Where I'm staying

It’s funny, at least to me, how I wanted to go there for so much of my life, and now after so many trips in the last few years it feels so comfortable and familiar, yet still exciting and fun. I’m sure I haven’t seen everything, but I’m trying

Matt, me & hiroko on top of the mountain

It turned out to be a great time to go because not only was there a solar eclipse

Solar Eclypse in Shibuya

But some crazy bastards built a 1:1 scale Gundam!

1:1 gundam panorama

In August Stephen Morrissey made me a damn good espresso

Stephen Morrissey at Intellivenice

We hiked up some rocky waterfall thing

We climbed rocks

And I ended up in Boat Town Maryland to see my old friend Grampa Clifton get hitched

Throwing the goat

In September Tara, Jason and I took South East Asia by storm. We rode a long ass escalator in Hong Kong

Longest escalator

Went to a bunch of meetings in Singapore


And had our feet eaten by fish in Bangkok

Fish Massage!

It was a damn fun trip.

In October I went to San Francisco to see Johannes eat something

Eat it

And see the new Noisebridge

Noisebridge panorama 3

Which pushed me over the line and I came back to LA and demanded we build our own hackerspace here. Before the end of the month Crash Space had it’s first meeting.

Crash Space Meetup #1

In November I helped break a world record by getting tattooed, with almost 900 other people. By one guy, in under 24 hours. Or something like that.

Broken art panorama

And then went to NYC with Tara for her Birthday and had a Vegan Ice Cream Sundae

Sundae at @lulasweet

Or three.

December took me back to Singapore


Where I helped organize a conference for Neoteny Labs with a bunch of great friends from all over the world

Johannes talking about failing

And when I got back to LA, Crash Space had a physical location and we were moving in

Shelves being built at @crashspacela

And Tara and I wrapped up the year BBQing in DTLA with the Super Lucky Cats.

Ready to eat

And while I broke my “In Berlin for New Years” streak this year, I was able to walk outside in short sleeves and not come anywhere near freezing to death. Which was pretty rad.

Venice Sunset

And so begins 2010…