Sometimes you talk about something and then every other conversation you end up having that day ends up back at theme you started with. My post yesterday about getting shit done resulted in a day full of discussions about just that. You could interprete that as lack of imagination and inability to think of other thing to talk about or you could decide it’s just that important and useful that you can’t push it out of your head and you know it needs to be focused on. I’m choosing the later. Fuck it. Ship it. We say this a lot. It means quit worrying about all the details and get it out the door. Deliver something.

I’ve linked to Bre’s Cult Of Done a hundred times in the past and I’ll link to it 100 times in the future because it’s that good. Getting something done trumps not get getting something done, and if you don’t get something done because you are worrying about this or that – that’s still not getting something done. The reason Woody Allen said “Eighty percent of success is showing up” is because eighty percent of people don’t show up. They will find a reason and talk them selves out of it. So by just being there you are ahead of the game already, use that to your advantage. Just go.

Almost 3 years I wrote this motivational post to myself in regards to writing because I was doubting and talking myself out of it. If I want to write I need to write. If I convince myself that I don’t have anything to say and then don’t write then I’ve lost. If I write – if I write anything, then I win. If I write something good then even better, but just writing is already putting me ahead of the game. I need to remind myself of that all the time. I’m really good at convincing myself it’s not worth trying. I’m full of shit about that, it’s totally 100% worth trying. 2013 is the year of trying everything. Doing everything. Delivering everything. If not now, when?

Fuck it. Ship it.