I’ve been saying that 2007 was the worst year of my life. Really massively shitty to tell the truth. And because of that I felt that I really needed to do something to tie the whole thing up and leave it behind me. Of course I couldn’t figure out the best way to do that, and then I saw what Larry and Mike were doing and I knew I had to steal the idea. So rather than write something I decided to go through my flickr account and pull a few photos from each month that represented what was going on. I didn’t have any idea what a monster of a task that was going to be when I started it, but once I got into it I had to finish it. When I did, and looked back over it all, I now don’t know if 2007 was a shitty as I’ve been saying it was. It was certainly full of change, and mostly unexpected. It had some very low lows, but also some very high highs. I lost a lot, but I think in the end I’ve gained even more. And standing here looking back over the last 12 months I don’t know how much of it I’d change if I had the chance. Of course there are some things I wish had played out differently, but overall I think it wasn’t really that bad, just took a lot of adjusting and looking at things differently that I had before. If 2008 has half the excitement that 2007 had it will still be amazing.

So, the pics are after the jump. I gotta warn you it’s a big page with a lot of photos that will probably take a while to load. I didn’t link to any blog posts, as you’ve probably read them all anyway, and sometimes photos tell their own story. In many cases you can click the photo for more on that specific thing, if you want. So this is just images and brief descriptions. Enjoy.

In January…

Apparently I played a lot of WoW because according to my flickr stream I pwnd n00bs:
AB Pwnage

And started a new Guild:
the founding of <We Ho>

In February…

Metblogs got some cool international press:
New Indian Express on Metblogs

and I moved into a real office for the first time in years:
New View

My valentine to Caryn was more about restraint:

And I was also visited by some Austrians just in time for my birthday:
few phonecam pics

In March…

I realized my life was going to be changing in ways I really didn’t want it to:
self portrait 3/21/07

And promptly took off to San Francisco for an open house at Kink.com to distract me:
You are being taped

From there I did not pass go, but went directly to San Diego where I ended up underground in an old bank vault with a bunch of Canadians, some of whom I’m lucky to call good friends less than a year later:

In April…

Bad became worse and I had easily the worst week of my adult life. There are a few weeks where I didn’t take any photos, which was probably for the best.
just a couple of shots while I was waiting...

I then went back to San Francisco and watched other adults race big wheels down one of the steepest, curviest streets in town:
BYOBW 2007

And then went to another web conference, but couldn’t find the Keynotes:
Anyone know where the keynotes are?

Then I went to Chicago to see a Naked Raygun show and got to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world:
Jon & Pat

Kurt & Scott

It was awesome, and those folks will never have any idea how important that week was to me, or how much they mean to me.

I also got a new tattoo:

And yes, it’s backwards on purpose.

In May…

I went back to LA, and moved out:
I scratch my accidents into the wall

And then got a tour by bike of the Port of Long Beach… in the middle of the night:

And got my highest Google ranking ever:
Number 2

And then Griffith Park burned:
Griffith Park Fire

I attended the LACE Auction, representing sixspace for what would turn out to be the last time ever, even though I didn’t know it then:
LACE auction

The next day Micki changed my life. Though I don’t think either of us know it then:
The beginning

We went to San Francisco and saw fire and felt the burn. Sometimes you know where the danger is and know to avoid it. Sometimes.

I got back to LA and made more hard decisions:
Me and lebowski

And gave up sleeping for a month or two:
good night

In June…

I rode my bike more in 24 hours than I ever have before, almost 100 miles by the end. The end which was ushered in by the cops:
The Cops arrival

And got to flex my nerdness, to a girl who was totally unimpressed of course:
This afternoon in hollywood

I countered that by teaching Lynn how to shoot. I owed her one. A big one. I figured that was a good start:
Small girl, big gun

Then I went to Pixelodeon, which turned out to be one of the coolest and most inspiring events I’ve ever been to in LA. And I met a ton of cool people, many I’m lucky enough to call really good friends less than a year later:
Sweet Ass Vlogger Lounge

And following that bad things happened involving unicorns:
The Candy Song

In my continuing effort to move on, let go, and focus on what actually matters, I sold my most prized possessions:

And then, just before Micki took off on her soul searching tour, we had a really bad idea:
Micki eating the first donut of the night

Then she left, and things would never be the same. I mean, because the iPhone came out of course. What did you think I was talking about, gosh!



In July…

Joi invited me to Japan:
Joi & Me at Dinner at Inakaya in Roppongi

And within hours of touching ground there for the first time I had one of the most amazing meals of my life:
Dinner at Inakaya in Roppongi

I was there for a little over 2 weeks and it was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever taken, and was a major turning point for me. Not because of this picture though:
Me and the Col.

For lots of other reasons, that if you were reading my blog at the time you know all too well. For more pics I took while there, start here. Thanks Joi. Really.

Then I got back to LA and got another new tattoo:
Almost done.

And had one of the best conversations of the year:

In August…

I went to Orange County to BlizzCon:

And realized I hadn’t played WoW since mid March. Oddly I wasn’t upset by this at all. And the conference was still tons of fun, even if I was surrounded by nerds:
The obligatory escalator convention shot

And I rode more bikes, and had more revelations:
Alone at the end.

Then I went to NYC and met up with family members I hadn’t seen in 20 years:
Bonners in NYC

And had vegan cupcakes:
Vegan Cupcakes at Babycakes

And ate at Red Bamboo, with friends, a lot:
Half of me, all of Phil

Then I went to Toronto and hung out with Canadians, the same ones from the bank vault in fact:
Jay & David

I also rode the trains:
Toronto Subway Station

And hung out with more friends who I hadn’t seen in years:

Then I drove to Montreal with new friends who I felt like I’d know for years:

In September…

Things got scary:
Sans skruff, plus make-up & Casey plus wig

Then I flew to Washington DC, where I hadn’t been in probably close to 20 years, and almost died from the vegan cupcake selection:
Sticky Fingers Vegan Bakery

But more importantly, I went to the National Air and Space Museum where I spent endless hours as kid. It was exactly like I remembered it to be, and exactly like I hoped it would be. I spent endless hours there as an adult:
Air & Space Museum

I also found this bench, which means nothing to you, but everything to me:
I used to sit right there as a kid and wait for family

I got back to LA, and saw the future at NextFest:
Wired NextFest 2007

And it’s just like the past, but funnier:

Then I went to LA Erotic Film fest with Violet and Eon, and sat in the corner heckling everyone else:
LA Erotica Film Fest 2007

But at least I was back in LA:

In October…

I got a new bike, for the first time since I was about 10 I was going without gears!
Going Single

And one of the first things I did with it was ride to the top of Barnsdale Park for SwerveFest to see DeVotchKa play:

Then back to San Francisco for more shenanigans with the Austrians:
monochrom folks

Once I got back in LA I started riding with the Wolfpack:
Me, post-Wolfpack

And saw some Irish punk:

And freaked out my friends by announcing that I was going off Caffeine for a week. One. Single. Week:
Twitter: replies to my "going off caffeine for a few days" tweet

In November…

I went to BarCamp and nerded out with the nerds:
Me + Micki at BarcampLA

And rode my bike further and faster on the Wolfpack Century:
Wolfpack @ Hollywood & Highland

And before leaving LA again I made time to work with JSto on a project about dreaming:

And rode bikes some more:
6th street bridge

Then spent the night at Chicago O’Hare airport:
ORD at 2am

And finally, 48 hours later, arrived in Vienna:
In Vienna - at monochrom

And helped monochrom with some very bad ideas at Roboxotica:
Roboxotica 2007 Opening Night

Was a guest on the Taugshow:
Taugshow #15

And showed off lolcats to a room filled with screaming fans:
Pre-talk set up, somehow futuristically

I saw Hamlet performed by robots (in German):
Hamlet performed by robots at the Brut

And did dangerous things with liquid nitrogen:
playing with liquid nitrogen

And ate vegan schnitzl at an Irish whiskey bar:
the bar, and part of the whiskey selection at Rupps

Ang walked around Vienna, a lot:
Tram 49

In December…

We went to the countryside and climbed through the muck to get on top of a really, really old grave:
On top of the The Leeberg Tumulus

Which in hindsight… well, nevermind. Then I moved into the Museumsquartier:
My MQ Apartment

And brought over my old friend Scott Blake to show off his Bar Cade Art:
Scott Blake talking at the Musemsquartier, Vienna

And together with monochrom, we paid tribute to Falco:
Scott and Johannes

Then snuck into an old as hell castle:
Secret opening

Then Scott left, and I teamed up with the locals to scour the streets looking for all things cute and wholesome:
Flo loves Hello Kitty


But mostly spent a lot of time walking around in the middle of the night. Sometimes alone. Sometimes not.
Naschmarkt at night

At the last second I decided to go to Paris, via London, and got lost in the airport for hours, couldn’t find a ride, and finally paid way too much for a taxi, only to walk right into dinner with friends:
Twitter / Andre Nantel: @seanbonner In the good 'ol...

Then I walked around Paris all night, since I’d neglected to book a hotel room:
Paris streets at night

Then packed up, flew to Berlin (again vie London) and got coffee in the middle of the night with Tim and Bre:
Berlin Coffeeshop

And spent the next 24 hours running around town like a maniac and facilitating many other bad ideas:
Exactly what it looks like

Then back to Vienna in time to spend my first Christmas ever away from family:
Christmas Eve in Vienna

But not away from dear friends:
Esther and her tree, and some coffee

And before I knew it I was back in Berlin, this time for 24C3, and of course surrounded by the Mate:
Club Mate

New Years was full of fireworks and smoke, you could barely see a block ahead of you:
Street fireworks in Berlin

But it was an amazing way to wrap up the year. Who knows what will be in store for 2008. Here’s my first self pic from the new year:
The Now: Jan 1, 2008. Berlin. cubbyhole.