This weekend I had two flats and later when I went back and inspected the tubes I found that one had such a small hole that I could easily repair it but the other was a total wash. I was about to throw it out and started thinking that there had to be a better option to some how reuse it. But what could I do that wouldn’t require a full weekend of work, or buying a bunch of extra crap? I’ve seen belts, wallets, and all kinds of things made out of them but honestly I don’t have the patience for that right now. Then it hit me, I’m always looking for a rubber band and can never find one, so maybe I could use the tube an make a ton of them. So I grabbed the scissors and got to work:

Old Tube Reusage

In about 10 minutes I’d sliced up the entire tube and now have a jar full of I have no idea how many cool as hell black rubber bands that I can use for any number of things. I already replaced the binder clip I was using to hold a stack of credit cards together in my pocket with one and love it. This was super simple, endlessly useful, and will keep this stuff out of the landfill for a little while longer anyway. Works for me!