I have made it clear on countless occasions that unsolicited e-mails from PR flaks are the bane of my existence. I hate them. They are evil and terrible and they also suck. I have the phrase “for immediate release” in my auto delete filter and also blanket bans on a handful of domains that I know belong to PR companies. Still sometimes they find a way to get through. If any one of these people did 10 seconds of research they would know that sending me this crap is a very bad idea and not likely to result in anything positive for their clients. So when they do, I know for a fact that they are just pulling my name off some list. I just received an e-mail from:

Maryam Zarkesh
Murphy O’Brien Public Relations
Senior Account Executive
1630 Stewart Street, Suite 140
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Direct: (310) 586-7150

Filled with bad puns, BOLD text, a formated text menu and 5, count them F I V E attachments. It was addressed to me like we were buddies. Additionally, she sent the exact same e-mail to the general Metblogs support e-mail, minus the personal greeting. Really stupid move.

People, if you hire a PR firm to rep you, make sure they know what the hell they are doing online and with bloggers because if not you are just paying them to piss people off. So yeah, I’m making a list.

Anyway, how’s your day been?