Benotto so far

As you can see the Benotto, which was nothing more than a frame a fork last month is starting to take on a more bike like form. This is my first road bike build up so I’m playing a lot of it by ear and expect to screw tons of things up. We’ll see. Here’s what I’ve done at this point:

  1. I cannibalized the Italian threaded bottom bracket that came with the Masi. The guys at the bike shop had told me it felt a little janky, but several other bike building type friends said it seemed OK. I rode with it for a few days on the Masi before I swapped in the new one which was noticably bette for sure, but the old one wasn’t really “bad.” I may replace it later, but for now it works.
  2. I picked up a Shimano 105 Wheelset and Crankset on craigslist for quite a steal actually and put those on. I had a brand new tire that I put on the front wheel but still need one for the back. The rear wheel has an 8spd cassette so looks like I’m building this up to be a 16 speed.
  3. Interesting note, the Chainrings on the Crankset are those weird oval “Biopace” shape rather than a perfect circle. I don’t know how those will be to ride with. Guess I’ll find out.
  4. First roadblock: I have a rear brake that I bought when I got my Swobo and quickly removed. It’s Shimano and brand spanking new. I also have a vintage Campy front brake that I was hoping to put n this. In both cases the bolt fits into the drilled hole fine but doesn’t reach out of the back to allow something to be locked onto it. Both of these came with those flush nuts that actually are supposed to sink into the frame, but they are too wide to fit in the existing holes. This may be problematic.
  5. Second roadblock: The no name brand Japanese stem I had laying around fit great in the headset but I can’t fit the Cinelli bars I have into it. They get too wide at the center point so I guess they aren’t compatable so one of those will have to be replaced with something else. I’d say it’ll be the stem, but I’m a n00b on this stuff so who knows.
  6. Just realized I have a seat as well, just forgot to drag it out for the photo.

So that’s the bulk of it at the moment. Major missing parts are now derailers, shifters, brake levers, seat post, chain, inner tubes. It’s getting there. My inital plan for this was to build it for under $100, I messed that up by paying $100 for the frame, but so far I’m still under $200 for everything.