Remember this little back and forth with NowPublic a few weeks back? In that post I noted that the original announcement e-mail had been sent to me by a PR firm at that I suspected that wouldn’t be the last time I heard from them. I wrote:

“To make this even worse, I’m going to assume all those folks just got added to a another list at the marketing firm and will be spammed with whatever the next thing they want to hype is. I’d love to be wrong about that of course, but I’ve got very little faith in the scruples of PR flacks.”

Well guess what was sitting in my inbox this morning? An e-mail from C at Morris King with a tidbit he thought I’d “get a kick out of.” Oh, and coincidentally that tidbit came with a press release attached. C is the same guy who sent me the NowPublic announcement and I’m just delighted that he’s kept me in mind with whatever the next thing he’s getting paid to push on people. Oh wait, no I’m not.

So I sent back this:

“Hi C-
Thanks for keeping me in mind with this announcement. You are right, I did get a kick out of it. A kick right in the nuts. When you first contacted me with an announcement from NowPublic a few weeks ago I publicly speculated that you and or your firm would now start spamming me with other announcements and unfortunately it seems I was right. Apparently you think that’s OK, I don’t, in fact I think it’s repulsive. I’d love to think I could just ask nicely to be removed from your mailing list but my experience with PR dudes like yourself leads me to believe that wouldn’t make a shred of difference. I just wanted to let you know that I’m adding to my auto-delete black list as a bit of insurance on my end. And since you are so keen on me telling people about stuff, guess I’ll pass this tidbit along as well.
A good day to you sir,

Whats even better is chances are this guy never even saw the NowPublic thing where I predicted he’d spam me, even though it was his e-mail that set the whole thing into motion. Thanks NowPublic, I hope you are happy that a company you paid to promote your “most influential” list is now spamming those very people for their other clients and getting paid to do it. Disgusting.