Tara and I are figuring out our European travel plans for the end of this year and beginning of next. I’ve put up rough plans on my wiki but basically we’re flying in and out of London, and aiming to hit Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris in the meantime. We’ll be in Berlin for New Years.

Like most of my trips to Europe, we’re aiming to figure a lot of it out once we get there. That said anyone in the above cities who wants to get together, or has a guest bed (or large couch) they want to offer up for a night or two please let me know. I think we’re only going to be in Brussels and Amsterdam for a day or two each, where as Berlin, Paris and London will probably be a little longer. Check the wiki for the days we’re thinking about.

It’s kind of funny to think that a year ago I’d never been to Berlin, but this trip will mark my fourth time there. I’m also really excited to go to Paris with someone else and have a few days to see it. We’re definitely looking for any tips or suggestions. Thanks!