If you read this blog you know I ride bikes, and I’m a little obsessive about my bikes so I really really don’t want them to get stolen. The best way to prevent this is to keep them inside all the time when not riding them. Of course that doesn’t work so well if you want to go somewhere by bike like the store or work or something like that, so that’s where a good lock becomes a requirement. There are a few things I take into consideration when choosing a lock – the first of which is what are the chances someone can defeat it quickly and secondly how will I carry it around with me. The first part of that is because with enough time and determination no lock will hold up, what you need is something that will deter someone for the time you have it sitting there. The second part is because after years and year of all kinds of different locks in bags and on frames it’s a huge pain in the ass that I want to avoid. I’ve found what I consider to be the best combo of those two, and that is the Kryptonite Evolution Mini. If you follow that link you’ll see what they look like new. The secret is that most of the accessory plastic on them comes off making them even smaller and much more light weight. This is what mine looks like:

Kryptonite Evolution Mini

This is not some pansy dinky lock either, it’s thick and solid and very highly rated. And, it’s small enough to fit in your back pocket or through a belt loop (or in a lock hoster if you have one of those). This makes it extremely quick and easy to access and doesn’t take up space in a bag or add extra weight to your bike. I’m really a big fan and often take mine with me on trips to ensure I don’t have to lug around someone elses bulky lock if I borrow a bike in another city. Combine this lock with the Sheldon Brown ‘through the back tire’ method of locking it and I’m good to go in most situations. Depending on where I am leaving my bike and for how long I’ll sometimes bring a cable lock to use together with this which I’ll secure my front wheel with as well, though in most cases and the places I go that isn’t a requirement. I’ve got a few other anti-theft tricks I’ll explain in another post in the near future.