If you follow me on twitter you might have seen me sending out a bunch of links recently that begin with s34n.com. Thanks to the fine folks at Hover I’ve got my own URL shortener now and I love it! I was thinking of using seanbonner.com for it but s34n.com was shorter and kind of cool so I went with that, but so far it’s been endlessly awesome. In addition to keeping links I send out kinda self branded, it also makes them super easy to remember later on without having to look anything up. For example if I wanted to meet someone at Scoops and they didn’t know where it was I could tell them to check out s34n.com/scoops or if I wanted to recommend the Neil Strauss book I recently I read I could just point to s34n.com/emergency.

I’m totally digging this and can’t wait to have an arsenal of links at my disposal for any situation that comes up.