Urban Journal

Behind the scenes here there is so much being worked on and I’m really excited to launch something we’ve been working on for a few months in one form or another. After reading Emergency and spending some time really looking into a lot of the issues it brought up, Jason and I realized that most of the “survival” info that was out there was focused on being in the wilderness or jam packed with “The Dems are in the white house now, clearly the country is going to fall apart any moment, let’s all buy ammo and pray until that happens.” Not that there is anything inherently wrong with either of those approaches, but they just aren’t very appealing to me as someone who lives and frequents major cities the majority of my time.

Due to this, we felt there should be a site with a strong focus on big city survival and disaster prep. With Metblogs we’ve seen a lot of things happen out of no where in our cities and seen what people had to deal with through their own eyes. This often made us think of how we would have responded if we were in that situation and more often than not we would have been very unprepared. So today we’re launching Urban Journal – a site that will both chronicle our own journey to become more prepared as well as provide useful info and tips for other city dwellers who don’t want to be caught by surprise. It’s a little bit of a different direction for us at Bode Media but we’re excited about it and looking forward to seeing where it leads. Hope you enjoy it!