Quick update on Pair Down June. I went through my bookshelves and pulled out two boxes worth of books that I have, have read and can’t really ever see reading again or if I need to reference the same materials can be found quicker online. I then found a shop in North Hollywood that buys back books and shelpped them over for consideration. They picked through and bought about half of them, paying $45 for the stack.

The other box I still have and will be looking into selling them on Amazon. I also found that Powells not only buys plenty of books, but will pay for the shipping to them so that is an option as well. I’ve said it before, with very minor exception if I could get most of the books on my shelf for free on the kindle I’d get rid of them all and buy one of those simply to get rid of the clutter.

Anyway, I’m surrounded by one less box of books today than I was yesterday.