Here are my current top 10 annoying things that other people do on twitter, in no particular order. I of course do none of these things because I’m not annoying at all. Ask anyone.


  1. Retweeting someone elses #FollowFriday list that includes your name – you are basically telling your followers to follow you.
  2. For that matter, listing the same people in your #FollowFriday list every single week – we get it already, move on.
  3. Auto DMs of any kind, be they of ‘thanks for following’ or ‘check out my shit’ variety – these are generally met with instant unfollows and frequently blocks as well.
  4. ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME – unless you are @THE_REAL_SHAQ this is never OK. Ever.
  5. @replying to someone’s real name rather than their username (assuming they aren’t the same thing) – thus screwing up the whole reply thread.
  6. Having a twitter stream that is 100% retweets – clearly you are boring and have nothing to say on your own.
  7. Having a twitter stream that is 100% replies, even worse if those replies are frequently to celebs and people with millions of followers ensuring there is no way they will ever see that reply – stop trying so hard.
  8. I forgot what 8 was for.
  9. Allowing spam from other services like Brightkite, Spymaster, Foursquare, etc – No one cares.
  10. Begging for retweets.

I offer this list in hopes of making the world a better place. Please retweet.