I’ve been talking about setting up an LA hackerspace for years. Literally, after spending time at metalab in Vienna, C-Base in Berlin, C4 in Köln I returned to the US all excited about the idea. I talked with a lot of people and e-mails were exchanged, but not much else actually happened. Since then I’ve hung out at NYC Resistor in NYC, HacDC in DC and Noisebridge in SF and I’ve decided that in order for this to actually happen in LA I just need to start making it happen, so that’s what I’m doing. And I figured that in order to breathe life into this it needed a real name, so I’m calling it. Introducing Crash Space.

I picked the name Crash Space for a few reasons. Film fans will know there is a great movie about LA called Crash. Also, anyone who tries anything new expects to crash countless times before being successful in their attempts. Computer people are all too familiar with crashes. Sometimes I hope some of us will be so engrossed with what we are working on it will be too late to go home so we’ll just crash there. I wanted those feelings to be strong here, we expect things not to work and to break and to go wrong, hopefully a lot, and every once and a while something really cool will come from all the tinkering. I’m calling it a space because that is as open ended as it gets – anything can happen in a space.

If you’d like to help out, get involved, contribute resources of any kind please join the mailing list.

I also have some early notes about what I want this place to encompass on my wiki, and before too long I will be moving things over to a proper domain – crashspace.org

More soon. I promise. Stay tuned.