A couple just walked past my house while having a heated argument. A lot of people don’t realize that everything they say while walking down this street in Venice can be heard by any resident with their windows open. Anyway, they were arguing about if Paranormal Activity was just a movie or a real document of actual events.

He was making the point that it was just a movie, with actors and a script. She was arguing that it was a documentary made by the people in the film of events that were taking place around them. He noted that if something like that had actually happened it would be on the news and not in movies theaters. She said it happens all the time and no one covers it, but this guy was just lucky enough to film it. He said he was pretty sure there was no documented stories of ghosts murdering people. She pointed out that the media never covers important issues like that and if he wasn’t being such a fucking asshole he would go see it and would know, as she did, that it was real. He commented that nothing he could see on screen would change the facts that it is a fictional story.

She suggested that he wasn’t going to get laid tonight because she couldn’t believe she was dating such a closed minded jerk.

My guess is there’s another factor weighing a little heavier on that, possibly that he’s dating an idiot.