Since I’m leaving in just about 48 hours I figured I should go ahead and put my travel schedule in order, and upon doing that I realized it’s going to suck. We’ll, sort of, it’s not easy anyway. This is kinda what I’m in for in the next few days:

Day one:
3:30 ish I fly from BURBANK to DALLAS and arrive a little after 8PM with about an hour and a half to the next flight. This is the easiest transition of the trip. Closer to 10 PM (8 LA time) I jump on a flight from DALLAS to CHICAGO. I Arrive around midnight (that’s 10 pm LA time) with about 9 hours to next flight. Since I’m not so stoked on the idea of hanging out at the airport for 9 hours, especially that specific chunk of 9 hours, and I’ve got friends in Chicago I’m making a break for it. With any luck I’ll find a place to store my carry on luggage so I don’t have to lug that around the city. I’ll then catch train into town, meet up for foods and coffees and chaos and then bust ass to get back to the airport. I need to get there a few hours early to clear customs and hang out in the Admirals Club, and maybe try and sleep.

Day two
9 AM flight from CHICAGO to LONDON HEATHROW. This one arrives around 10 PM (and now time really gets fucked up – that’s 2 pm LA time, 4 pm Chicago time) with about 12 hours to next flight. Oh yeah, and next flight is out of a different airport, so I’m definitely getting out of there ASAP. With any luck I’ll clear customs within an hour and catch the shuttle to the hotel I’ve got booked. If it takes longer, the shuttle will stop running and I’ll have to throw down for a taxi. Once I get there I’ll hopefully get some sleep, more likely find coffee and an internet connection. Sleep would be good to help get on the right time schedule for sure.

Day three:
Early on wake up, talk to hotel people and find best (cheep & fast) way from there to London Lutton airport. Get there in time for a 10:45 AM (that would be approx 3 am LA time, 5 am Chicago time) flight to VIENNA. Get in around 2 PM Vienna time (5 am LA time, 7 am Chicago time). One more time clear customs and meet Johannes at the airport then go back to monochrom HQ and crash.

Oh and did I mention I’ll be doing all of that is a totally awesome sinus infection? The trade off is I cashed in frequent flier miles and everything except that last short flight to Vienna is in first class. Hell yes. But don’t worry, I’ve got a ton of meds to keep the death and suffering out of my head for the flights. If nothing else it’ll make a good story.