1. Iron Man. As Wil notes, io9 says, “Iron Man is the first comic-book movie that’s actually better than its source material. That’s partly because Iron Man is one of the most boring characters in the history of comics, but it’s also because the movie manages to transcend its source.”
  2. Batman Begins – Batman was always supposed to be scary and this movie finally makes that clear. The follow up to this, Dark Night, already looks like it’s going to be unstoppable.
  3. Sin City – The pair up of Rodriguez and Miller to co-direct this pretty much insured it was going to be the comic book on the big screen and it delivered from the very first second.
  4. Spiderman – It’s amazing how good this was in comparison to how shitty the follow ups were.
  5. Hellboy – You know it.

I almost squeezed X-Men into that but I’m still not sure if I liked that movie so much because I was such a big fan of the comic initially and was just amped to see Wolverine so bad ass on the screen. I also came close to throwing Mallrats in there because comics are such a central point in that flick, and it’s amazing.